Distaff: porcelain 12 cm

Knot: porcelain (10 x 10 cm)

Line: porcelain tiles and chromos, thread imprints (10 x 10 cm)

Ariane’s Thread (artist’s books) porcelain and paper. Engraving and monotype

Bobbins: porcelain, thread imprints, paper


The mythology and ritual of thread (sewing, knotting, the distaff) were objects of research between 2009 and 2011. The vital link, from fibre to thread, from thread to thread imprint. I sew, I spin, I join, I wind, I unwind, I knot I join again, I tie, I follow Ariadne’s thread, I make the distaff the symbol of my femininity, I prick myself, I wake to spin new wool.


“By cutting the knots, the thread and the line return to a saving linearity. The outcome is a promise of freedom or healing. Thanks to this we come closer to the dream of a life without ties, without weight. Undo, solve. The knot is also a sign of the acceptance and approval of the curve, the detour. It connects and interweaves two ends, two limits, so they overlap. Make connections, connect elements. The act of reconnecting as the “post” logic of the outcome, it is also an act of memory and recognition”. François Dingrement