Child’s play

9 porcelain and chromos skittles, a mother-of-pearl luster porcelain ball 2013


Daddy says he loves me very much

Skittle 1: Francisco Goya Saturn Devouring His Children 1819-1823

Daddy says I have a choice but if I love him very much …

Skittle 2: Roy Lichtenstein Finger Pointing 1961

Daddy tells me he has loved other women and it is beautiful to make love

Skittle 3: Pablo Picasso The Kiss 1969

Daddy says that life is beautiful, so why am I afraid ?

Skittle 4: Hans Bellmer Rose Ouverte La Nuit 1935

Daddy says I have no need

Skittle 5: Léo Dohmen Revanche de la nuit 1958