Florence Bruyas, ceramic artist

Clay has a sensuality that gives substance to my present self through my daily work with the material. When I interact with it, it has the capacity to give me life, it shapes a physical reality in the "attempts at a fragmentary approach" of a body in search of itself ...
so I am face to face.


Florence Bruyas


Actualités : Festival Céramique Paris 2016

Festival de Céramique de Paris 11e

I would present the “Festival de Céramique de Paris 11e”, from 8 to 10 April 2016.

Actualités : Expo Animales

Exhibition “Animales” – La Serre de Saint-Etienne – From November 6 to December 12, 2015

Find my work at the exhibition “Animal” La Serre de Saint-Etienne(France), from 6 November to 12 December 2015.

Accueil Femme fossile Autoportrait

Sculptures, installations

The work of the artist Florence Bruyas has the introspective approach of a sculpture that could be called existential. The forms of this gradual intimacy around the body encourage us to “look inside”.

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Accueil ensO

Design collections, small limited series

Ceramists enclose an empty space. In her work Florence Bruyas explores the interior, working with volumes and especially containers: shapes with clean lines where the vocabulary is reduced to the basics. Writing, punctuation, line and dot create a graphic decoration.

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Accueil Atelier

Studio & classes

In her spacious studio with large windows overlooking the street, in the centre of Saint-Etienne, Florence Bruyas shares her knowledge and craft in six weekly classes. Here amateurs, both beginners and those more experienced, find a place where they can express themselves. Visit by appointment.