Interior Topographies

Interior Topographies, Ceramic (Porcelain Enamelled) 2018

Work consisting of an accumulation of more than 150 small pieces of porcelain with cellular, ovoid and irregular forms, in which organic materials grow. Variations  of pink and red for these flowers of that  spread and show their hidden beauty. The inside shows its reverse and its living poetry.

These organic materials are made from imprints of Chinese fruit and vegetables because of their sometimes improbable shapes and materials.

This work does not represent one or more identifiable parts of the body, and yet the imprints and the color evoke organic landscapes.

It is the expression of  movement and life that multiplies and proliferates.

We are not in the skin, putrefaction or vanity but in a celebration of the living mechanism and its poetry. Representing the living through the living, this organic work of local plant samples evokes the body as a representation but also a physical body, that of the artist herself moving, travelling for leaving a trace  of her passage in China.

This work is open and considered in the future for other trips.


Feelings of China: