What a difference?

“What a difference ?”  – China, wood, palette – China, Dehua – 2017

Residence in a ceramics company in Dehua, city known for its production of extra white porcelain, without decoration.

Inspired by this environment of intense semi-artisanal and mechanized production “What a difference?” is a work which reuses the images which marked this first stay in China: accumulations, number, loading, packing, stacking, wrapping, transport, trade, transit … of an economically burgeoning country. It also questions the status of the utilitarian ceramic object : from series to art. Between ready-made and installation this work questions, not only the utilitarian object, but also our  judgment onthe valve of the status of contemporary ceramics.


Feelings of China:

“White of China” International Residence of 5 weeks in Dehua (Fujian) city of south east of China, high place of the history of Chinese porcelain.
July / August 2017

Program organized by the ICAA http://www.blancdechineicaa.com and supported by the French Institute.

The “Blanc de Chine” International Ceramic Art Award Residency Programme was established in 2016. It is an annual residency program that unearths, selects…